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  • To bring transparency between website owners and service providers for optimization of the output and business
  • To increase opportunities for all businesses linked with website and apps
  • To provide opportunities for website and app owner to evaluate diverse agencies from across globe
  • To provide opportunities to companies and individuals in website and app development to enhance their businesses and skills
  • To increase quality levels for websites and apps
  • Webyza strives to develop a global business community where both Users (companies and people who want to develop / refine their website or app) and Service Providers (companies and people who are in website and app related services) benefit
  • Webyza want to develop a transparent and continuous improvement model while achieving above. However we are on path of evolution and growth
  • Websites & Apps will be most important tools for future businesses and are strong mix of Technology, Arts & Science. We strongly encourage Service Providers in these domains from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills and strengths in detail

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